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Annual Grants

The Carrie Post King's Daughters Home for Women that was established in Springfield, Illinois in 1893, diligently fulfilled its mission to provide for the housing and care of elderly women for over 110 years. With the closing of the home in 2006, the Home's successor organization, The King's Daughter's Organization continues to fulfill the original mission of the Home as closely as possible through a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln that was established in 2007.

A collection of the previous grants given by year and more information on each program awarded can be found here.

The purpose and goals of the KDO Fund are to provide financial support to programs and services of charitable organizations that:

  • Enhance the quality of life for older residents of Sangamon County.

  • Address the unmet needs of older residents of Sangamon County.of Sangamon County.

Grants with King's Daughters Organization
What is the spending policy of the fund?

The King's Daughters Organization Fund is an endowed fund at the Community Foundation. A goal of endowed funds is to grow net assets in order to provide more grant dollars to the community over the long term. Per the Community Foundation Spending Policy for Endowed Funds, the distribution objective is between  3.5% - 5.5% of assets annually. Preservation of the fund's principal (its historic gift value) is strongly considered when determining annual distributions.

When and how can nonprofits apply for a grant?

Local charities that provide programs and services for seniors are invited to complete a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to apply for support from the KDO Fund. The LOI is available on the Community Foundation website in January of each year. Grant requests may range between $2,500 - $25,000. Learn more.

How is the Grant Committee structured and what is the role of the Grant Committee?

The Committee consists of one member from each active KDO Circle. Each KDO Circle elects a member to represent its Circle on the Committee. Each member will serve for a one-year grant cycle. A committee member may be re-elected. Most of the Committee work will be from January through April of a given year. The role of each Circle's elected KDO Fund Grant Committee member is as follows: to review requests for funds, to determine appropriateness for funding and to make grant recommendations. The Committee forwards its recommendation to the KDO Board of Directors and then to the Community Foundation Board of Directors for final approval.

Impact Stories with King's Daughters Organization

King's Daughter funds, through Contact Ministries' grant, have helped many people in many ways. The medication co-pay portion of the grant has helped people get their life saving medication that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. Typically, these medications circle around diabetes but there are a host of other medications that insurance either does not cover or cover a minimal portion of the cost. Senior men and women no longer need to make the choice between paying for their medication or eating.

The eyeglass portion of the funding has been amazing. This grant money has given many senior men and women the ability to see clearly, sometimes for the first time in years. Occasionally, the client will return to show us their eyeglasses because they are so thankful and proud of them. One client specifically has been here four times in the last two weeks to show us her new eye glasses. Each time she has been here she has gone around to all of the office staff and made sure that they have seen them. Her appreciation and excitement are a welcomed event every time we see her. She has asked that we extend our thanks to those responsible for making it possible that she received such "cool new glasses"! So, thank you from this very happy senior lady wearing her cool new glasses.

Contact Ministries

 Stacy Coon, Director of Operations

Grants with King's Daughters Organization

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