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The links below correspond to the tabs at the linked Google table below and also connect to different categories in the Google Docs Data. Click a link and then follow any link inside the Google table to learn about KDO history.

Includes King’s Daughters history and events going on in the area and the world.

Many of the histories written documenting KDO through the years. The first four articles in this section set the stage for the beginning of the organization. The following articles that are in BOLD contain details of several circles’ rich histories.


Grants with King's Daughters Organization

“We assisted one particular client who is a single female in her late 60s with her utilities. She had some unexpected health issues, which resulted in unexpected medical bill. Being on a fixed income making sure that her all of her bills were paid on time was becoming a challenge. Thankfully through the assistance of KDO we were able to pay her CWLP bill so she didn’t get disconnected. Her appreciation was so great that she was moved to tears and later mailed us a thank you card. So many of our senior clients are like this individual in that they are living on a fixed income, their dollar isn’t going as far, they face unexpected bills, but don’t have the money to fall back on.”

Catholic Charities

Patrick McConnell, Area Director

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