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Hannah Lamb Palmer

Hannah Lamb Palmer was born in Springfield, IL on July 6th 1838. She was an ambitious woman, with a passion for both political and social issues. She was well known in Springfield due to her involvement in several community affairs. Hannah became librarian of the Springfield public library; where she met General John McAuley Palmer. He was a veteran and hero of the civil war and a former governor of Illinois. They had both had been married before with spouses that had passed away. Their friendship blossomed over research and a mutual interest, with the couple getting wed in 1888 at a high profile wedding. (See attached)

John McAuley Palmer was a Civil War general, with a strong link to Abraham Lincoln. He was deemed “one of the ablest and best generals in the army." He rose to major general command of the XIV Corps. Lincoln later appointed him Military Governor of Kentucky.

Like the old saying goes, “behind every great man is a great woman.” This saying stands true for General John Palmer. He served in the U.S. Senate and made an unsuccessful bid for the Presidency during the 1890’s. Hannah traveled with him and spent a great deal of time in our nation’s capital. He retired from the senate in 1897, and returned to Springfield to practice law. The following year, Hannah began her first term as president of King’s Daughters, dedicating 11 years to the executive board of King’s Daughters. Her dedication and involvement within the Springfield community is a testament to the woman she was and her work will continue to live on through the King’s Daughters Organization.

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