King's Daughters Organization


the Past, Present, & Future of KDO

Closing of the Home

In 2005 following an in-depth financial analysis, KDO membership was faced with two options:  continue to operate the Carrie Post King’s Daughters Home for Women until its endowment was depleted (opinion was sometime 2008-2010), or close the home when there were sufficient funds remaining to provide for a smooth transition for the residents and staff and for the King’s Daughters Organization to continue into the future with a new mission.

Members chose to close the home and invest the majority of the remaining funds – about $2.6 million – in an endowment at the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln that would forever support programs serving senior citizens.

 This was – and continues to be – the largest fund held at the Community Foundation.

 “The Community Foundation was only five years old when the King’s Daughters set up its fund in 2007,” said John Stremsterfer, president and CEO of the Community Foundation. “It nearly doubled the size of the Community Foundation’s assets and really put us on the map for local charitable giving.”

 Today, the King’s Daughters Organization Fund has cumulatively awarded more than $1.1 million in grants. This includes $55,000 being awarded from the recently-established King’s Daughters Organization Blackstock Fund to improve outcomes for local residents battling Alzheimer’s and/or dementia issues. From prescription and food assistance to Land of Lincoln Honor Flights and Around the Town concert series, grants from the King’s Daughters are impacting the lives of thousands of seniors and their caregivers.

 The legacy of the King’s Daughters could have ended with the closure of the home. Instead, it has taken on a new life which will carry on for generations to come.

Jennifer Sylvia