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Easter Weekend Years Past


In reading thru the early minutes, written so many years ago, we can find ourselves imagining the April sky as it is now.  A different time where penmanship was beautiful and poetry added to almost every set of minutes written by Mrs. Thomas ( Lou Hart) Rees, Secretary, in 1907.  (As shown in following minutes.)  And yes she was the wife of Thomas Rees, of the Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon in Washington Park.

The famous ice storm of 1978 as told in the minutes written by Secretary, Sharon Zook, (see below) and a little of how a home for “old ladies” dealt with things…. Enjoy some spring and summer pictures of the garden at the Carrie Post King’s Daughter’s home.

Willing Circle Minutes, April 10th, 1907

“A gust of bird song, a patter of dew,
A cloud, and a rainbow’s warning, Suddenly Sunshine, and perfect blue.
An April Day in the morning.”     
    Harriet Prescott Stafford

Willing Circle minutes April 4th, 1978

Peg Burns reported board meeting was cancelled due to the Easter weekend Ice Storm.  The home was without power for 8 days, From March 24, Friday Noon until Sunday April 2nd at 5:30pm.  Six residents spent part of this time at Community Hospital, 13 stayed in private homes.  Our Mrs. Cunningham stayed with Sue Bingaman.  Matron Ella Powell kept the dining room war with the gas oven and made frequent trips to the grocery stores.  A generator was finally obtained from Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.  A young soldier came along to operate it and turned out to be a favorite among the residents.  Corporation should express thank you to Mrs. Powell and others in some way for their dedication to the Home and its residents during this time.
Secretary, Sharon Zook


Jennifer Sylvia