King's Daughters Organization


the Past, Present, & Future of KDO

1962 Annual Style Show Gala

Picture this, in 1962, the 16thAnnual Progress Circle Benefit was a hopping event with over 500 women in attendance and held at the St. Nicholas Hotel!  KDO has used various fundraising efforts through the years to support their mission.  The circles often hosted style shows, but this one has withstood the test of time with this coming years benefit and style show going on its 72nd year! (Mark your calendars for October 22nd 2018) Take a walk thru the past, imagine yourself in 1962, and look at some of the beautiful Gold Lame dresses, valued at over $1,000 each that were shown that year.  

As we reflect on the 125th anniversary, we are thankful for these vibrant ladies who have worked so hard to raise funds for the elderly in our community! 

Jennifer Sylvia