Grant Money in Action: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity received a grant this past May for continued support of their Wheelchair Ramp program to help seniors remain in their homes.  Through King's Daughter's Organization since 2015, 35 ramps have been completed with plans for 15 ramps this year.  Please see below for one recent success story of the program.

The Ramsey family - mom and dad Andrea and Charles, and siblings Amber, Jake and Heather - stick together. Through a variety of challenges, they continue to love and look after each other. Getting a wheelchair ramp, thanks to Habitat of Humanity of Sangamon County and King’s Daughters Organization (KDO), is an answer to their prayers.

“We’re so thankful everything is coming together!” emphasized Andrea. “Amber has had episodes since birth that frequently prevent her from walking. Charles is a cancer survivor and often uses a cane. I lost motion on my right side and use a wheelchair. I’m undergoing physical therapy, but this condition attacks the nerves and I may not recover fully.”

Little by little, the family has figured out ways to make it work at home. This ramp is key helping the Ramsey family stay together.

“We just keep plugging away,” said Charles. “Heather got her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license to help with her sister. We’re working it out so that no one has to be in a nursing home. The volunteers building the ramp are great and it’s exciting to watch it go up! This is a major help.”

Life can change in an instant. HFHSC is grateful for this partnership with KDO that is ramping up access, safety and peace of mind for qualifying low-income senior homeowners in Sangamon County.

Grant Ramps Up Access, Safety and Peace of Mind for Sangamon County Seniors in Need 

The King’s Daughters Organization Fund at the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln awarded Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County (HFHSC) $15,000 for its home accessibility program, which installs wheelchair ramps for qualifying senior homeowner.  Applications for the HFHSC program are available online at or at the office located at 2744 S. 6th Street in Springfield.