A 1959 Trip to the Governor's Mansion

October 14, 1959 proved to be a special day for the Ladies of the King’s Daughters Home. The ladies received, with much excitement, formal Invitations from the First Lady and Governor Stratton to come to the Governor’s Mansion for a luncheon celebration. A poem written by Mrs. C.E. Bramlet, a member of the Elizabeth Downing Circle, humors us with accounts of “Oh Woe is Me Whatever Shall I Wear?” “We had great fun discussing what we would wear and what we would look like.” (Entire poem below)

Fortunately, there is an account of the special day.  “The day we went to the mansion was a beautiful crisp day and one we will always remember.” The emotions abound, “our eyes were all agog, really made us feel so elegant and pampered, it was such a thrill having so many waiters taking care of every little wish.”

In summary it was written, “We feel they sincerely did enjoy having us as their guests but we, who were fortunate to go will always remember the charm and graciousness of our First Lady and the Governor of the State of Illinois”.

Many First Ladies became Honorary Member or dues-paying members of the Grateful Daughters Circle.  In a letter dated June 14, 1993 First Lady Brenda Edgar accepted an Honorary membership and on this date a tea was held at Executive Mansion to celebrate the Homes 100th Anniversary.

Items included:

Signed picture of the ladies at the luncheon, an entire account of the visit to Mansion, a current picture of the dining room, a listing of other Governor’s wife who were honorary members, correspondence between Grateful Daughters Circle and the Governor’s office, and photos of the Governor’s Mansion both in 1960 as it looked at the time of the luncheon and after the 2018 remodel.