Grants in Action: APL

KDO was recently featured in the newsletter for the Animal Protective League (APL) for a new pilot program “that removes the financial barriers to maintaining a cat.”  See the image below for the full article of the program.

Our foster coordinator has scheduled at least two offsite-adoptions at senior facilities to promote the program, and several long-time shelter cats have gotten homes that they might not otherwise have gotten, including Paddy (I just have to add a photo so that you can see his great ears!).  Paddy tested positive for FIV when he came into the shelter in 2016, and he has occasional skin flare-ups that require medication.  The KDO program removed the barriers that kept him from adoption.  

KDO has made seniors happy and cats happy.  KDO also has made our staff so happy to see cats get loving homes outside the shelter.


Evelyn Taylor

Resource Development Coordinator

We LOVE seeing and hearing about the success of different programs, especially pilot programs as there are so many different ways to enrich the lives of seniors in our community.