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Board of Directors

The mission of King's Daughters Organization is to aid the seniors in our community through both direct volunteering and financial support by way of our grant program. Our circles of friendship are committed to the support and well-being of the elderly in our community.

Our directors play a pivotal role in guiding the organization towards its mission, ensuring King's Daughters Organization fosters a welcoming environment that promotes dignity, respect, and empowerment for all its members. Meet the individuals driving positive change within our community.

Volunteer to help seniors Springfield IL

Executive Board

Cathy Boerke

President / Ex Officio Member of all Committees

Brownie Anderson

First Vice President / Chair Mission Committee / Grant Committee Chair

Christie Goleman

Second Vice President / Chair Public Relations Committee

Sally Cadagin

Secretary / Co-Chair History Committee

Mary Ann Smith

Assistant Secretary / Chair Membership Committee / Annual Meeting Coordinator

Kathy Mihelich

Treasurer / Chair Finance Committee

Sally Cray

Assistant Treasurer / Chair Development Committee

Kim Cochran

Past President / Friendship Circle

Board of Directors


Sharon Heflin

Maryann Walker

Brownie Anderson

Sandy Bellatti

Connie Locher-Bussard

Mary Ann DeFend

Karen Little

Sally Cadagin

Eve Fischberg

Teresa McElwee

Nance Woodward

Donna Jean Gibney

Barb Wolfson

Cathy Boerke

Yolonda Rice

Susan Beard

Beverly Collins

Mary Ann Smith

Jennifer Buhlig

Shirley Stoldt

Lisa Coakley

Christie Goleman

Ruth Kopec

Brenda Staab

Patti Thompson

Laura Carls

Paula Milling

Kathy LaCamera

Sue Shevlin

Frances Tomashavich

Sally Cray

Susan Fulks

Kelly Griffin

Terri Hempstead

Kathy Mihelich

Diane Brinkman

Carol Sobeck

Karen Alexander

Lesa Branham

Susie Risser

Chiffonia White

Jane Locascio

Senior Assistance Springfield IL

We conducted 4 workshops (6 sessions for each workshop) and provided 17 participants with a Health and Wellness Kit valued at $207 each.  We had speakers for each of the 6 sessions who were experts in their field to educate participants on orientation, physical health, emotional health, nutrition and exercise, financial wellness and safety in the home.  One of our participants was ready to give up after losing his eyesight.  Today, with the support of ECVI and the King's Daughters Organization, he is adjusting to handling Daily Activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  He often tells us he does not know where he would be without ECVI.

Educational Center for the Visually Impaired

 Peggy Dyson, Executive Director

Senior Help with King's Daughters Organization

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