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Current Grant Recipients

The King’s Daughters Organization (KDO) mission is to support the well-being of and to charitably aid seniors in Sangamon County.

In 2007, the KDO established a donor advised fund through the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln with assets from the closure of the King’s Daughters Home in Springfield, Illinois.

A collection of the previous grants given by year and more information on each program awarded can be found here.

2024 TOTAL

* including 30K for Blackstock Fund




AgeLinc - Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland

To pay for glasses, hearing aids, and dental care for seniors.


Animal Protective League of Springfield and Sangamon County

To provide surrender prevention services to seniors, such as veterinary care and food for companion dogs and cats.


Catholic Charities Diocese of Springfield in IL

To support seniors experiencing financial hardship and challenges with paying their utility bills.


Contact Ministries

To support seniors with payment/co-payment on prescription meds, exams and eyeglasses, rent including deposit and first month and/or utility assistance, and adaptive equipment.


Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County

Critical home repairs that include roof, HVAC work, interior accessibility aides, foundation works, and insulation


Educational Center for the Visually Impaired

To support the Health & Wellness and Cooking with Confidence workshops for visually impaired seniors.


Grace Lutheran Food Pantry

To offer senior clients an extra protein-rich item.


Greater All Nations Tabernacle Church

To support the cost of the meals served at the monthly community senior luncheons.


Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County

To support the wheelchair ramp installation program, allowing seniors to age-in-place.


Helping Hands of Springfield

To support and expand the medical respite services for senior clients.


Sangamon County Community Resources

To assist seniors who need help with their utility bills but do not meet the guidelines for the federal poverty level.


Senior Services of Central Illinois

To support the Emergency Fund Program, which assists seniors in paying rent or utility payments to avoid eviction/shut-off.


The Salvation Army Clearlake

To support seniors raising their grandchildren by offering financial assistance for housing, utilities, food, medication, school supplies, school uniforms, etc.


The James Project

To provide supplemental, bi-quarterly grocery expenditures for grandparents and other seniors fostering children.

When Mary applied to have a wheel chair ramp installed, she hoped it would be done quickly. Mary had not been able to safely leave her home for 12 months! Her world was looking out her window and watching life go by.


Mary’s first trip leaving her home safely for the first time in a year was to visit her granddaughter, in her granddaughters home. ​

Senior isolation is one of the most deadly impacts we face today. Having accessibility to get in and out of your home safely makes all the difference…thanks to King’s Daughters Organization.

Habitat for Humanity Colleen Stone, Executive Director

In the United States, 3 million children are being raised by 2.7 million grandparents. These grandparents are being asked to step up to raise these children due to substance abuse (especially meth abuse), incarceration, unemployment, mental and physical illness, abuse and neglect, abandonment, suicide, or death. In Sangamon County, the latest statistics show that 36% of the foster children in the system are currently with caregivers that are over the age of 55.

The responsibility of caregiving is draining in numerous ways to senior citizens in our community. It affects their opportunity to retire due to the new financial, physical, mental, and emotional burdens. This population faces challenges of inadequate support, family discord, disrupted leisure, unattainable retirement plans, health issues, depression, social stigma, and isolation. Sometimes, these parents do not know where to go for support and are embarrassed to share their family dysfunction with friends. The James Project has been able to ease some of this pain by offering grocery packages to senior citizen led foster families through our partnership with the King's Daughters Organization. 

This past month, we were able to provide grocery packages to over 25 senior citizen led foster families through partnering with KDO and many volunteer groups, including groups from the National Guard and UIS. All of the grandparents whom we served expressed immense gratitude. One grandmother said that the grocery package was 'heaven-sent', for due to budget constraints, she was going to have to choose between buying food for her family or buying medicine for her grandchild. We are so grateful for the funds that were given to us by KDO so that we can meet the physical necessities for families in our community

Olivia Hayse, The James Project


Senior Services of Central Illinois

To support the Senior Transport Program.



To support three, one-hour classes per week, taught by a Certified Recreational Therapy Specialist.


Springfield Municipal Opera

To support the Senior Bus Program for the four Senior Nights, providing bus transportation from Sangamon County senior residences.


St. Martin DePorres

To purchase fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other food items as well as hygiene products for senior clients.


The Joy of Movement

To support the weekly, adapted group dance classes for seniors with Parkinson's disease and their care partners.


The Parent Place

To provide support to grandparents raising grandchildren, including guardianship assistance, emergency food assistance, monthly support meetings, and four workshops focusing on healthy family relationships.

“We assisted one particular client who is a single female in her late 60s with her utilities. She had some unexpected health issues, which resulted in unexpected medical bill. Being on a fixed income making sure that her all of her bills were paid on time was becoming a challenge. Thankfully through the assistance of KDO we were able to pay her CWLP bill so she didn’t get disconnected. Her appreciation was so great that she was moved to tears and later mailed us a thank you card. So many of our senior clients are like this individual in that they are living on a fixed income, their dollar isn’t going as far, they face unexpected bills, but don’t have the money to fall back on.”

Catholic Charities

Patrick McConnell, Area Director

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