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How to Apply

In 2007, the King’s Daughters Organization established a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln with assets from an existing Endowment Fund and proceeds from the sale of the King’s Daughters’ Home in Springfield, Illinois.

The King’s Daughters Organization mission is to support the well-being of and to charitably aid seniors in Sangamon County.

All grant applications must be completed using the Community Foundations online system. You may start an application and come back to complete it later. The system is user-friendly and eliminates the need for applicants to make multiple copies of applications and materials for each grant program. If you have any questions about the system, please contact the Community Foundation at 217-789-4431.

Purpose of Funding King's Daughters Organization

The purpose and goals of the KDO Fund are to provide financial support to programs and services of charitable organizations that:

  • Enhance the quality of life for older residents of Sangamon County.

  • Address the unmet needs of older residents of Sangamon County.of Sangamon County.

  • 501(c)(3) charitable organization

  • Faith-based organization (proposals must benefit all, regardless of religion, and be for a service provided which is not religious in nature) 

  • Public or private school (proposals must be for projects that exceed the school’s budget funding)

  • Some government entities or municipalities may be eligible.

  • Geographic and demographic limitations: Funds must be used for programs and services primarily assisting older residents (55 years of age and older) of Sangamon County, Illinois.


The submitting organization must be a:

“We assisted one particular client who is a single female in her late 60s with her utilities. She had some unexpected health issues, which resulted in unexpected medical bill. Being on a fixed income making sure that her all of her bills were paid on time was becoming a challenge. Thankfully through the assistance of KDO we were able to pay her CWLP bill so she didn’t get disconnected. Her appreciation was so great that she was moved to tears and later mailed us a thank you card. So many of our senior clients are like this individual in that they are living on a fixed income, their dollar isn’t going as far, they face unexpected bills, but don’t have the money to fall back on.”

Catholic Charities

Patrick McConnell, Area Director

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