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Our organization is made up of nine “circles of friendship”, small groups who meet on a monthly basis to plan volunteer projects, receive updates regarding the organization, and enjoy each others company.

Each circle sets its own meeting times and projects. We welcome you to contact the circle leader of the one that bests fits your schedule to learn about joining us as a member. We are also open to starting new circles if you are unable to find one that you can attend.

We welcome you to view below for ones that best fit your schedule and contact us for more information about any that interest you.

Associate Membership

Volunteer Springfield IL
Volunteer with King's Daughters Organization

Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle meets on the first Tuesday of the month (except January, May, July, and August).

Grateful Daughters Circle

Grateful Daughters Circle meets on the first Tuesday of the month from September through April.

Margaret Garfield Circle

Margaret Garfield Circle meets on the first Monday of the month, from September through May (except January).

Marjorie Post/Nightingale Circle

Marjorie Post/Nightingale Circle meets on the second Wednesday of the month from September to June . 

Mary A. Lawrence Circle

Mary A. Lawrence Circle meets on the second Tuesday of the month, from September through April (except January & February). 

Mary H. Blackstock Circle

Mary H. Blackstock Circle meets on the first Monday of the month, from September through May (except January).

Polly Roesch Circle

The Circle meets Monday of the month (except December, May, June, July & August).

Progress Circle

Progress Circle meets third Wednesday of the month, August through April (except December).

Willing Circle

The Circle meets on the first Tuesday of the month, September through May.

Interested in

joining a circle?

Senior Assistance Springfield IL

King's Daughter funds, through Contact Ministries' grant, have helped many people in many ways. The medication co-pay portion of the grant has helped people get their life saving medication that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. Typically, these medications circle around diabetes but there are a host of other medications that insurance either does not cover or cover a minimal portion of the cost. Senior men and women no longer need to make the choice between paying for their medication or eating.

The eyeglass portion of the funding has been amazing. This grant money has given many senior men and women the ability to see clearly, sometimes for the first time in years. Occasionally, the client will return to show us their eyeglasses because they are so thankful and proud of them. One client specifically has been here four times in the last two weeks to show us her new eye glasses. Each time she has been here she has gone around to all of the office staff and made sure that they have seen them. Her appreciation and excitement are a welcomed event every time we see her. She has asked that we extend our thanks to those responsible for making it possible that she received such "cool new glasses"! So, thank you from this very happy senior lady wearing her cool new glasses.

Contact Ministries

 Stacy Coon, Director of Operations

King's Daughters Organization

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