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Our Mission

Our Circles of friendship are committed to the support and well-being of seniors in our community.

Our Values

All KDO members are entitled to a welcoming environment which:

  • Promotes dignity and respect for all its members

  • Empowers members to make decisions that improve and benefit KDO, its Members and its Mission

  • All KDO Members have the responsibility to advance such an environment and to honor KDO by representing themselves in a professional and compassionate manner.

Volunteer with King's Daughters Organization

When Mary applied to have a wheel chair ramp installed, she hoped it would be done quickly. Mary had not been able to safely leave her home for 12 months! Her world was looking out her window and watching life go by.

Mary’s first trip leaving her home safely for the first time in a year was to visit her granddaughter, in her granddaughters home. ​

Senior isolation is one of the most deadly impacts we face today. Having accessibility to get in and out of your home safely makes all the difference…thanks to King’s Daughters Organization.

Habitat for Humanity

Colleen Stone, Executive Director

Senior Assistance Springfield Il

“Betty is a client of our Representative Payee Program whose physician recommended surgery to improve her mobility and overall quality of life. While her doctor recommended a lift chair as an essential piece of her recovery, her insurance did not cover this expense. She lives on a fixed social security income and did not have room in her budget to purchase this equipment. Due to the generosity of the King's Daughter's Organization, and the grant provided to Helping Hands, we were able to purchase a lift chair for Betty, and she is well on her way to recovery. Please see the attached photo showing how happy she was to receive this gift!”

Helping Hands of Springfield

 Laura Davis

Senior Assistance with King's Daughters Organization

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