We have an impressive and rich history of women who have lead us through our 125 year history.  Some of the past presidents are also featured in some of our Blog postings.

This page is still under construction as we go back through our archives to find additional details.


Name                 Circle (if known)      Dates Served

Cindy Denby                              Progress                              2016-2018

Suzie Sables Duff                       Mary H. Blackstock            2014-2016

Teresa McElwee                         Margaret Garfield             2012-2014

Sue Shevlin                                 Progress                             2010-2012

Cathy Schwartz                          Mary H. Blackstock           2008-2010

Donna Jean Gibney                   Margaret Garfield             2005-2008

Jean McLain                               Progress                             2004-2005

Barbara Archer                          Mary A. Lawrence             2001-2004

Cindy Lash                                  Friendship                          1999-2001

Karen Barber                              Mary H. Blackstock           1997-1999

Norabel Russel                           Marjorie Post                     1995-1997

Shirley Stoldt                              Lincoln                                1993-1995

Chris Parr                                   Margaret Garfield              1991-1993

Pat Cross                                    Progress                              1990-1991

Mina Bentsen                             Willing                               1989-1990

Nancy Cochran                         Margaret Garfield             1986-1988

Mrs. Larry (Claribel) Durey                                                  1985-1986

Marjorie Strabo                         Grateful Daughters            1983-1985  

Darlene D. Nordlund                                                            1981-1983  

Florence M. Gibson                                                              1978-1981

Marjorie A. Lyons                      Margaret Garfield              1976-1978

Mrs. Steven (Caroline) Heath                                                1974-1976

Mrs. C. H. Paris                                                                     1972-1974

Mrs. Oliver A. Johnson                                                          1971-1972

Mrs. Larry (Clarabel) Durey (Irene Smith)                            1967-1971

Mrs. D. H. Dickinson                                                             1965-1967

Mrs. Evelyn H. McCree                                                         1963-1965

Mrs. William S. Paine                                                            1961-1963

Mrs. Bette H Franke                   Willing                                1959-1961

Mrs. Arthur Gottschalk                                                          1958-1959

Mrs. Marvin J. Garfield              Willing                               1952-1958

Mrs. Charles F. Eberle                                                          1947-1952

Mrs. Frank H. McKelvey                                                       1943-1947   

Mrs. George Gray                                                                1942-1943

Mrs. John Gardner                                                                1940-1942

Mrs. Ira B. Blackstock                  Willing                              1931-1940

Mrs. S. E. Prather                         Willing                              1910-1931

Mrs. J. M. Palmer                         Willing                              1904-1910

Mrs. M. M. Hazlett                                                                1903-1904

Mrs. John M. Palmer                    Willing                              1898-1903

Mrs. A. L. Ide                                                                         1897-1898

Mrs. Vesta R. Torrey                    Opportunity?                     1896-1897

Mrs. E. S. Walker                        Willing                               1893-1896